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The pitch is a great tool for starting the early P.E. educations. Therefore we created the Kindergarten-Sport Program, an education program for kindergarten teachers who are capable to make kids passionate about sports with the help of our specialized know-how. The kindergarten sport program includes football, handball, basketball, badminton, tennis & integration.


For each sportart a different booklet is available. These booklets are prepared by the best experts of Hungary.

The booklets advise with concrete exercises how to use the pitch and how to instruct movement coordination and sportarts to the age-group of 3-7 years.


The list of currently available booklets is the following:

Movement development of kids of pre-school age (development of personality with the kindergarten-football exercises)

Written by Gábor Hegedűs, Tibor Király & Tamás Hegedűs


Kindergarten handball (movement development of kids of pre-school age in the world of handball)

Written by Tímea Tóth


Tennis education and movement development for kids of pre-school age

Written by Katalin Orbán-Sebestyén


Badminton education in frames of the Kindergarten-Sport Program

Written by Zoltán Szűcs


Compound capabilities development with movement activities at pre-school age

Written by Zsuzsanna Szilárd Sáringerné


The elements of the Kindergarten Sports Program are:


  • KA2AL kinderpitch
  • Supplies attached
  • Special education for kindergarten teachers
  • Program-accomplishment


A video demostration of the methodology may be watched on our youtube channel from the link below: