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The KA2AL kinderpitch (Kindergarten Football Field) is a Hungarian innovation with an EU utility and design protection, exclusively developed for kindergarten-age children (3-7 years of age).


It is a pitch with a special size which can be used for several different sports. Ka2al is covered with Swiss unfilled artificial turf and is multifunctional. Due to its complexity it’s suitable for playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, foot tennis, badminton and practice movement coordination activities. The Kindergarten Football Fields are created with a specially designed steel frame structure, board fences on the sides and are covered with a net. The sport field substructure is created with water permeability.


Technical parameters:


  • ground required for installation: 7 x 14 meters
  • pitch dimensions: 6 x 12 meters
  • covered with Swiss unfilled artifical turf for easy maintainance


The Kindergarten Football Field and its supplements are designed according to the relevant safety regulations and are certified by TÜV.


It is available with different designs and extras like the UV protective camouflage net, „Oscar” the maintainance machine and the athletics running court (currently only available in frames of an on-site construction).


The main difference between Ka2al and a normal sports pitch is the following: