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The idea of the Ka2al Kinderpitch and its first pilot project was accomplished in 2010 in Hungary, with one pitch installed in Debrecen and another three in Mátészalka.


One year later, Jenő Buzánszky, the Olimpic Gold Medalist (1952) and World Cup Silver Medalist (1954) legendary right back of the Hungarian Golden Team established the Kindergarten-Football Public Benefit Foundation in order to start a country-wide project. During the years of implementation the methodologies were developed further in several sportarts making Ka2al a multifunctional sports pitch.


Until the end of 2017 275 Ka2al kinderpitches have been installed in Hungary.


In 2016 the brandname Ka2al was created for the product from the nickname of Jenő Buzánszky. The Hungarian word Kazal is meaning "haystack" in English. The number 2 in the middle of the word refers to Buzánszky's shirt number in the Golden Team and shall be pronounced "z". The creation of the brandname was the first step to start the worldwide sales and marketing activities of this unique Hungarian innovation.


In 2017 our Founder's dream became reality and the Ka2al Project expanded abroad. In the Albanian capital city of Tirana 2 kinderpitches were installed thanks to the Foundation of Albania's most capped player of all times, Lorik Cana and to Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana.