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This summer, Jenő Buzánszky's legacy will continue to expand to Vojvodina, Serbia: the Kindergarten-Sport Program will be implemented in Mali Idos (Kishegyes).

The Kindergarten-Sport Public Benefit Foundation, the owner of the Kazal brand, has already successfully introduced the Kindergarten-Sport Program in Baile Tusnad, in the Székely Land, in July 2018. A Kazal Kinderpitch has been constructed in the local kindergarten and within the framework of the Free University of Bálványos we offered playful, sport-specific programs for the children of the area for a week.


We are happy to help the Hungarians beyond the border this year again: in the spring of 2019 we will construct another Kazal Kinderpitch in Vojvodina, at the Pán Péter Pre-School of Mali Idos. The implementation of our program will once again be accompanied by a week-long, on-site programs for local children in the summer of 2019.

Famous Hungarian singer Ruzsa Magdi, who has grown up in the very same pre-school institution, also took sides with our aims and Program, and is happy to work with us on the implementation of it in Vojvodina.


(Photo: MTI)