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The Foundation set as a goal to help the special need children to be capable of fully enjoying the Kindergarten-Sport Program and the Kazal Kinderpitches in Albania as well.

In April 2018, the establisher Foundation of the Kazal brand submitted an application to the Embassy of Hungary in Tirana titled "Introduction of the Kindergarten-Sport Program in Tirana".


On December 7th, our specialist Zsuzsanna Szilárd Dr. travelled to Tirana to give a presentation to 4 Albanian kindergarten teachers and 1 trainer from the LC5 Foundation – the Albanian strategic partner of the Foundation.

The event began at 10:00 in the morning and lasted until 15:00 in the office of our Albanian partner. Using out Kindergarten-Integration teaching book and lecture materials – all resources were translated into Albanian and handed out to the participants – the lecture focused on the special need children.

In addition to our specialist, the Foundation and the Kazal brand were also represented by Chairwoman Andrea Molnár JD. Llm., who during the day provided comprehensive knowledge of the complex implementation of the Program and the Kazal Kinderpitches for the participants.


The project was financed by the Embassy of Hungary in Tirana.