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The most common Ka2al kinderpitch is the classic designed which is the basic and functional version. This model was developed for more than 5 years and several amendments have been introduced mainly from technical perspectives. Originally it was created only for football and the most important change is that it was converted to multifunctional.


The Ka2al classic is used every day in more than 270 kindergartens in Hungary and Albania and it plays an important roll in the daily physical education of more than 35.000 kids. With the Ka2al concept the Foundation is providing sports infrastructure for the PE lessons and therefore is taking over the state duties.


The most cost-effective Ka2al kinderpitch is the classic basic. The classic basic Ka2als are installed with 12 mm thick white or brown impregnated wooden board fences. These board fences may be decorated by applying impregnated stickers. The frame structure is only galvanized and is available in grey colour. Colour sintering may be applied against surcharge.