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We inaugurated the 300th Kazal kinderpitch of the Kindergarten-Sport Public Benefit Foundation in Tusnádfürdő, Szeklerland. The project could not have been realised without the financial sponsorship of EXIM, the Hungarian Export-Import Bank, who we would like to thank for the support.


The Guests of Honor at the opening ceremony were Zsolt Germanh, Chairman of Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, Laura Nyakas, Marketing Communications Director of EXIM, Tibor Albert, Mayor of Tusnádfürdő, György Szöllősi, Ambassador of the Hungarian Football Federation, Ferenc Kovács, Chairman of the Hungarian Volleyball Association, Jenő Buzánszky, Practitioner of the founder rights, Jenő Schmidt President of TÖOSZ (National association of local governments) and Mayor of Tab, as well as Dr. Andrea Molnár, President of the Foundation. After the ceremonial speeches, a wonderful dance performance was presented by the local kindergartens before they happily took over their new kinderpitch.