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The Football Fest Exhibition & Conference was taking place at Zagreb Fair between 27 to 30 October 2016. This event was the first occasion for the Kazal kinderpitch to appear on an international exhibition abroad.


Kazal had its exhibition space in Pavilon 10A next to our Mushroom designed pitch especially installed on soles for the occasion of this event. The board fences of the exhibited Kazal were designed the same like the debut pitch installed in Székesfehérvár. For the first time in Kazal’s history, the pitch was exhibited with the safe-to-use goalbars, the SAFEGOAL. Our intention is to use these goalbars for our future pitches installed abroad.

The Football Fest itself kicked-off with a conference where speakers from UEFA, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona were also present. Here Kazal was presented in the Football and Social Responsibility topic with the case study of Hungary explaining the ideas and implementation of the pitch and whole program itself.

For this event we also scheduled several B2B meetings mostly with the already selected distributors from Slovenia and Croatia. The Fest was a great occasion to invite the future potential distributor from Albania. We are happy to communicate that during our meeting with Sports Turf Albania we practically agreed in the major milestones of the cooperation on the territory of Albania and Kosovo. With this we already have selected distributors in 7 countries.

Unexpectedly we conducted a meeting with Advanced Sports Installations from Estonia. This company has a special innovation for changing artifical turfed pitches and really looking forward to cooperate with them in the future.

For the public we organized a quiz promotion where packages of Kazal branded products were drawned every day among those who replied correctly 5 simple questions related to Kazal and its history. The main prize, the selection of Hungarian premium pálinkas were won by Dominik Grbec from Slovenia.


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