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The Football Fest kicks off next week in Zagreb Fair. On this event clubs, associations, companies and football fans from all parts of Central and Southeast Europe will participate. Among others Kazal will be presented on the conference and a pitch will be installed on soles. In the below interview published one of Croatia’s most read news portals, visitors have the chance to read more about our product and program.


The brief translation of the interview is the following:


- The Kazal Kinderpitch is a multifunctional sports pitch created especially for kids attending kindergartens. Can you explain to our readers, why is your pitch so different from the others?


- The most important feature which makes us different is that Ka2al is a product and not a construction – replied Andrea Molnár, Chairwoman of the Kindergarten-Football Public Benefit Foundation. Therefore it’s moveable, easy to install - like a ”furniture” delivered in pieces. Our professional team can easily build it anywhere within 2 days. At the same time it is a cost-effective method to provide children the opportunity to practise several sports in the safest environment possible.


- What do you offer with your Kazal Kinderpitch and your specific programs?


- Beside the pitch which is especially developed and sized for kids of kindergarten age (3-7 years), in our program we also included sport supplies for several sportarts like football, handball, basketball, badminton, tennis and foot tennis – continued Andrea Molnár. Because of the multifunctionality of the pitch, we thought it was important to educate the kindergarten teachers so they can use the pitch and the supplies appropriately. We developed our educational program with the aid of the best experts of Hungary. As a further help for the kindergarten teachers they prepared different booklets for each sportart to support their educational activities and process.


- In which countries besides Hungary are your currently operating and to which do you want to expand?


- Practically, we started our international expansion few months ago this year. We already selected our exclusive distributors in six European countries. However we would like to distribute Kazal all over Europe including Russia and to overseas, too. One of our main target markets is Indonesia where due to the huge population and the lack of state-governed kindergartens, there is a high number of private kindergartens - replied Krisztina Varga, international business development manager of Kazal kinderpitch.


- What is the main reason you are participating in Football Fest?


- We were invited to be part of this unique event by AB Sport Consulting which is the selected distributor company for Kazal in Croatia - continued Krisztina Varga. At the same time, Football Fest is a great opportunity for a start-up company like us looking forward to expand in foreign countries because Football Fest is one of the few conferences in the sport industry where all the stakeholders of football are taking part. In Europe it is very common to organise workshops on one topic like law, agents, football technology, etc., while Football Fest is aimed at everyone.


- You will also be participating at Football Fest conference within the Football & Social Responsibility topic. What will you talk about during Football Fest conference and what will you focus on?


- At the conference I’ll introduce Kazal kinderpitch as a case study - declared Krisztina Varga. I will talk about how the pilot project was implemented and why this Hungarian innovation was created to cover the gap between the competition system and the sporting needs of the kids attending kindergartens. I will emphasize with the figures that it is a constantly growing project - therefore the social responsibility in providing sporting opportunity for children shown by our foundation is increasing year by year.


- Croatia and Hungary have applied to host the Euro 2012. There are split opinions whether hosting a big sporting event is good or bad for the host country. What is your opinion on that particular topic?


- Croatia and Hungary are both famous of their tourism and hospitality – started Jenő Buzánszky, son of the Foundation Founder. Both countries have tradition in successfully organising main sport events. I trust that hosting a major event always has positive effects on the country and people. It’s not only good for promoting the countries themselves but also for increasing the popularity of sports.


- The name of your kindergarten-football pitch is Kazal, which was created from the nickname of its founder Jenő Buzánszky, the Olimpic Gold Medalist (1952) and World Cup Silver Medalist (1954), the legendary right back of the Hungarian Golden Team. This summer, Hungarian national football team has participated at a big football event after fourtyfour years. Do you believe that Hungarian football could ever again reach the level of the Magnificent Magyars back in the 50's?


- The fact that Hungary participated in the EURO 2016 once again after 44 years is a solid evidence that Hungarian football is going through positive changes and is becoming stronger – continued Jenő Buzánszky. As my father always said, it was beneficial to Hungarian football that there was no professional army in the country after the 2nd World War. However, daily physical education was mandatory at schools to prepare youth for potential army duties. My father’s great physical condition and quickness was thanks to the available running tracks and athletics courts at his school. Currently the Hungarian government has introduced a similar system in schools and with the Kazal kinderpitch we are trying to provide the necessary tools for the kindergarten aged kids. We hope that we will play an important role in bringing up the next golden generation.


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