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One of the biggest and the most popular cultural events of Hungary, the Flower Carnival of Debrecen celebrated its 50 anniversary this year. In 2017 Kazal will appear on the flower corso for the first time.


The history of the Flower Carnival dates back to the beginning of the last century: in September 1900 the Debreczen Civil Bicycle Association organised a bicycle competition on the association’s new field. The highlight of the competition was a large-scale flower corso. Five years later in 1905 the Debrecen Ambulance Association organised an other flower corso in the town’s main street in order to collect money for an ambulance car since in the town that time when somebody had an accident, it took much time to find a doctor. Since 1966 apart from some breaks the Flower Carnival has been held every year in Debrecen on 20th August.

20th August is St. Stephan's Day in Hungary which is considered the anniversary of the state establishment, as St. Stephan was the first king of the Hungarians who also christianized the country. On this day, which is the most important day of the one-week long program, with 5 meters high flower floats, national and international groups creat a huge corso, and walk through the city.

In 2017 Tradition and Innovation are the two main topics appearing on the Carnival. It is the first time when Kazal is participating at the event introducing the Heritage of Buzánszky.



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