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Following the journey to Jakarta and Bali, Kazal countinued the promotional tour on the Island of Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this visit was to meet up Dayasiri Jayasekera, Honourable Minister of Sports and to introduce the concept of Kazal.


Sri Lanka has only two silver medals in the history of the Olimpic Games both in athletics. The country’s most popular sports are cricket and rugby thanks to the British colonial influence, however football is getting more and more popular islandwide. Therefore the Sri Lankan Government is dedicated to introduce new sport development programs. In January an islandwide talent identification program will kick-off for the sake of selection in the age group U13. Based on the above we believe that Kazal’s introductory visit was scheduled for the right time.

We started our series of meetings with Mr. Sampath Dissayanake, PA to Hon. Minister of Sports. During this discussion we had the chance for a detailed explanation of the Kazal concept in order to prepare the meeting with Hon. Minister appropriately.

Next day we participated on the opening ceremony of the National Sports Festival and following this event we finally met Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekera, Honourable Minister of Sports for a shorter, formal discussion.

Hon. Minister requested reference for our concept from the Football Federation of Sri Lanka therefore we scheduled a meeting with the organisation’s President and General Secretary. The two gentlemen joined us later on for a meeting with the Sri Lankan State Secretary of Sports and declared full support to our program during the meeting held at the Ministry of Sports.

Finally on the last day of Kazal’s visit we were invited to the Sri Lankan Parliament for a longer, comprehensive discussion with Honourable Minister of Sports. At the end of this meeting Mr. Jayasekera requested us to submit a detailed proposal for the Ministry’s kind consideration.

It is an honour for us that Honourable Minister is understanding our concept and achievements and is open for future cooperation with Kazal kinderpitch.


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