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In March 2017 the Hungarian National Trading House organized the Karpat Expo in Hajdúszoboszló (East Hungary) in order to bring the Hungarian-speaking businesses together for a huge event.


Due to historical reasons Hungary lost major part of its territory after World War I. As a result of this, there are still larger or smaller Hungarian minorities present in all the seven neighbouring countries of Hungary. The main target of the Karpat Expo held on 16 & 17 March 2017 in the East Hungarian town of Hajdúszoboszló was to gather together the Hungarian-speaking companies from the 8 countries of the Carpathian Basin for an economic conference and exhibition.


As Kazal is originating from Hungary which is located in the heart of the Carpathian Basin, the event was a great opportunity for the introduction as a start-up. Kazal's main objective with the event was to find partner companies (future potential distributors) in the countries where Kazal is not yet present and to extend the Kazal concept and Kindergarten-Sport Program over the borders. From Kazal's perspective the event was a huge success especially due to the high number of B2B meetings and due to the business potential we may accept as a result of these discussions.


Following the Easter Holidays, Kazal will focus on the extension of the Kindergarten-Sport Program all over the Carpathian Basin and will travel to most neighboruing countries to meet the local stakeholders of the Hungarian minorities involved in education and sports.


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